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Creating amazingly cheesy and satisfying intros/outros for the teen set.


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Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sound Design

Target Butterflies

A while back we scored a few animations for Target. The animations run on in-store kiosks as well as the endless wall of TVs in the electronics department of every Target store. They're also part of giant outdoor displays at some of the retail giant's flagship locations.

Puma Running – Usain Bolt Challenge

Sound design and music for this fun way to compete against the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, Jamacian Gold Medalist. It's all in the rythmn, and the arrow keys.

Hasbro Kids Site

Hasbro launched this engaging, next generation online experience for their largest and most influential audience – kids and tweens ages 6-11. We created the site intro music and sounds for the environment.

Hasbro PlaySkool Kids

PLaySkool Kids is a new online channel for kids ages 3-5 that focuses on learning and engagement. Pilotvibe produced sounds for the site intro, transitions and many of the activities. Kid stuff is pretty fun.

Nike Bauer – ONE90

Nike's ONE90 ice skate really is a game changer. Our sound design for this teaser helps convey the technology and intensity of the ONE90.

Arcane FX Game Tools

Arcane FX (published by Garage Games) are special FX packs for independent game developers building for the popular Torque Engine. We produced sound effects for an arsenal of spells and actions.

Minnesota Opera Intros

Pilotvibe created soundscapes for three different introductions to this site designed by Eighthourday for the Minnesota Opera's Community Education Initiative.

Two Popes

Sound design and music for this fun, perhaps absurd, site promoting a film production company. Cracks us up. VO cameo by Dave on the projectile vomitting sounds.